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Student Organization Leaders Intentional Development (SOLID)

Program Overview


With the introduction of UConntact, we are also changing our SOLID Status!

ACTIVE - The org is fully functional and has completed all requirements
FROZEN - The org is not visible on UConntact, and has not completed all requirements
LOCKED - No activity can be associated with the Organization on UConntact
INACTIVE - The organization is not functional. All current memberships are ended

The Student Organization Leaders Intentional Development (SOLID) program is an initiative to ensure that you, as student organization leaders, are properly equipped to lead your groups successfully and utilize all of the resources available. The goals of SOLID are to:

  • help your student organization(s) achieve its goals
  • develop your leadership knowledge and skills
  • ensure that you are aware of university policies and resources
  • promote responsibility, respect, and positive experiences through student organizations

SOLID Workshops

Student organization officers are required to take various SOLID workshops based on their organization's tier. SOLID workshops are offered once a week during the school year. To view the schedule for all SOLID workshops, please choose "Workshop Schedule" from the right hand menu.

To pre-register for a SOLID workshop please click here.

SOLID Workshop Requirements (Tier-Based)

For questions regarding Tier-I & II SOLID Training, please contact

Tier: Title: Required to Attend:
Tier-I: Introduction to Tier-I Organizations COO
Tier-II: Leading an Organization COO
  Managing Your Finances CFO
  Role of a Secretary SEC
  Eventís Planning EVC * New Position for Fall 2012 (Event Coordinator)
Tier-III: Triad Leadership Program Varies; contact for more information

For more information regarding the workshops, please visit us here: SOLID Workshop Overviews

Risk Management Tool: Is your event too risky? Check here!
Want to know more about the Tiers? 3-Tier System Overview